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Spearfishing charters to Great Barrier Island

We've been pretty busy taking spearfishing charters to Great Barrier Island. The visibility was getting up to 20 metres last weekend and has dropped a little this weekend from the heavy rain that we had over the week, but still getting 12-15 metres in places.  Water temperature is 23.8 degrees Celsius and we keep getting...
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Snorkel charters to Goat Island Marine Reserve

We’ve been doing a few guided four hour snorkel charters to Goat Island Marine Reserve, despite the prevailing strong Easterlies.  Water temperature has been quite warm at 23 degrees.  Lots of fish life, heaps of Snapper and plenty of Rays.  Good to see lots of novices getting out there.      
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Half day snorkel charter to Goat Island Marine Reserve

A great half day snorkel charter to Goat Island Marine Reserve today! Although the wind was strong, Goat Island was really well sheltered in the South-West wind.  Very friendly family group came out today with us and had their first snorkeling experience.  Lots of friendly Snapper around and the we noticed how much the Kelp...
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