Spearfishing charters to Great Barrier Island

The weather's been kind to us over the last weekend and we managed to get in two Spearfishing charters to Great Barrier Island.  On Friday we had an Australian spearfishing team onboard (thanks for the heads up on that Darren Shields).  Good bunch of people - did really well on the Snapper and Kingis and got a Boarfish too.  Big pods of Bottlenosed Dolphins at Barrier too - seemed to be milling about all morning.  Vis was about 12 metres on Friday and back up to 15-18 today (Sunday) - good to see the blue water back.  Two guys getting their first Kingis today so they were pretty stoked.  Had a good downpour of torrential rain on the way home which glassed off the water nicely for a quick trip home.  Awesome weekend despite the weather forecast!