Half day guided snorkel charters to Whangateau Harbour

The swell wasn't favourable for snorkeling at the Goat Island Marine Reserve or at Tawharanui Marine Reserve again, so we decided to run our two half day guided snorkel charters to Whangateau Harbour instead.  Surprisingly good vis for an estuary!  It was nice and calm with plenty of current so there was an abundance of marine life there.  Amazing that everybody just drives straight past not knowing the wonders below are worth checking out.  Very friendly people onboard that were keen to try something new and had a good time.  Saw some cool stuff like Pipefish in the seaweed, shrimps cleaning our hands on the tree branch in the water that was also home to some Oysters needing a hard substrate to make their home on. Triplefins, Snapper, schools of Parore, Squid, Koheru and a catamaran that had been sitting there a long time had some interesting filter feeding and encrusting marine life growing under it like anemones and Mussels to name a few.