Northern Californians Spearfishing Trip New Zealand

Northern Californians Spearfishing Trip New Zealand.

Four clients from Northern California came over for three days of spearfishing adventures with us.  This was Gio's second trip out with us, as came over in 2017.   It was good to see the Northern Californians again!  They stayed with local accommodation providers Claire and Graeme Cleaver at Whangarei Heads, Thistle-Do, which made it really easy as we launch directly in front of their awesome set up at Reotahi, Beach Rd.

Day One

On day one, the weather wasn't too good and two of our guests were unwell with head-colds so unable to come along much to their disappointment and ours!  With the other two still being super keen, we headed to the Mokohinau island (The Mokes).  First stop was Groper Rock, which did not disappoint.  Jason jumped straight on top of a 150 kg Mako and then had two Black Marlin do a swim by.  Vis was around 20-25 metres.  Huge schools of Trevally and Kahawai on the surface.  It as hard work trying to find the Kingis that day but we did find them eventually with Jason getting his first Kingi.

Day Two

Day two, our unwell guests joined in the fun too after not being able to stay back any longer having seen and heard about the results of the day prior.  Holly ended up getting her first Kingi at the mokes.  Gio got the NZ record for a pole speared Kingfish.

Day Three

On day three we got the best weather, with variable 5 knots and really good vis and lots of Kingi's about.

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