Hawaiians spearfishing charter to Great Barrier Island, New Zealand

Hawaiians spearfishing charter to Great Barrier Island, New Zealand

We had the Hawaiians back filming another spearfishing segment for Red Sea Ocean Adventures. I set off from Whangarei Harbour, heading to Karaka Bay on Great Barrier Island, which was to be my home for the next 6 days.   The trip over was just under three hours with strong northerly winds.  Saw a few Flying Fish and was greeted by a large pod of Common Dolphins at Green Island and some smiling Hawaiians at Orama Oasis.

Day One

We headed out to Channel island.  It was about 20 knot Southerlies. Plenty of fish and Kingi's around.  Vis was a hazy 8-10 meters.  Water temperature was 22.8 degrees Celcius.  A couple of firsts on the Kingfish front.  Got some Green-lipped Mussels off the rocks on the way back to Orama Oasis.  Man those Hawaiians love those Mussels!

Day Two

We headed up north to The Needles, but didn't venture past because of the strong South-Easterlies.  The boys managed to get a couple of Kingi's.  There were a lot of Bronze Whaler Sharks (Bronzies) around, as the guys lost a few fish.  At one of the spots, Kyle that was filming, had an approximate 100 kg Striped Marlin swim under him!  Vis was around 10 meters.  Water temp was 21.9.

Day Three

We hit Wellington Head but with the strong currents and strong winds, it was a bit hard for the guys in the water.  So we headed up towards Katherine Bay, Miners Reef, and the guys lost fish to Sharks there that day. On the way back we had a close call when a Mako for no reason did a somersault in the air and nearly landed in the boat as we were underway!

Day Four

We had the Cyclone Gita remnants come in so I ended up being a tour bus driver.  The torrential rain that we had turned the bay to brown.  Thanks to the kind locals, letting me take my boat out on their trailer, I slept well that night.

Day Five

We headed out in the brown water.  It was about 45 knots South-Westerlies and we were hoping to get shelter in one of the bays around from Miners Head. But the strong winds were blowing straight in there...so we decided to head around the Eastern side with our fingers crossed.  We managed to find some sheltered spots, even at Arid Island with a 1.5 meter swell running. The vis had dropped down to a hazy 5 meters.  Got a feed of Butterfish, Crayfish and Paua.  Then we found a spot towards The Needles on the way back where they got 15 meters blue water vis!  Kingi's were seen but none taken.  Then we had a long-haul back to Orama Oasis in 45 knot South-Westerlies.  Fun day but better than being stuck inside.

It was awesome to have this group back again that fed me every night!  I look forward to the next trip 🙂

  • Blair Jones - Oceandiversity Skipper.

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