We offer friendly customised Scuba Diving, Snorkel, Spearfishing and Scenic adventures to people of all ages and abilities. We have weekly trips departing Omaha boat ramp venturing to Goat Island, Tawharanui Marine reserve, Mokohinau Islands, Simpsons and Horn Rock or come further afield with us for a weekend adventure to the spectacular Little Barrier or Great Barrier Island!

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  • Guided Snorkeling Charters

    Guided Snorkeling Charters We offer guided snorkeling charters for people of all ages and abilities to a wide range of…

  • Scuba Diving Charters

    Scuba Diving Charters We offer scuba diving charters for certified SCUBA divers to a wide range of destinations including Goat…

  • Spearfishing

    Mokohinau Islands Spearfishing package: Huge schools of pelagic fish, 25 kilo plus Kingfish,¬†Abundant Crayfish, 25 metres plus visibility, a remote…

  • Shark Snorkeling Charters

    Shark Snorkeling Charters We offer professional shark snorkeling charters to experienced confident snorkelers wanting to see these magnificent creatures up…

  • Videography and Research

    We offer tailored charters for both novice and experienced Videographers, Photographers and Researchers. We have provided this service for a…

  • Scenic Tours

    Scenic tours are a standard part of any charter we do but if you're interested in doing a solely scenic…


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